Naiad Dynamics Inc. – Full Colour Displays

Naiad Dynamics is responsible for over 10,000 stabilisation systems in use in the luxury yacht, commercial vessel and military ship markets.

The company wanted to move on from using the CAN 260 monochrome displays to full colour and to significantly improve the performance of the graphics in the displays to show animated information in a much clearer way. With a large number of units in service the the company had wide variety of software versions for existing monochrome displays that needed upgrading.

The project started using the CAN 350 hardware and the CAN SDK but a decision was made to move on to the more powerful CAN 355 and the upgraded SDKC. Initially Veethree engineers supported the customer, but then took over the complete project, converting the wide variety of software versions in use to be compatible with the CAN 355 and its greatly enhanced performance and display configurations.

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