CAN™ Analogue Gauges

Technical Data

Premier Analogue Gauges

J1939 compliant gauges wire directly to the J1939 CAN. Fully sunlight readable instruments provide excellent visibility showing all available data and alarms. Rugged and stylish gauges, sealed to meet IP67 immersion standards and include an anti-fog resistant coating on the inside of the lens to virtually eliminate fogging. Domed plastic (3″) & glass (2″) lenses minimise reflections and allow moisture to run off. The 3″ tachometer features buttons to operate the LCD display functions.

Compact & easy to install, available in 3″ and 2″ sizes, and in standard black or white dial colours with chrome plated bezels. Custom styles, colours and CAN protocols are also available.

LED light piping directs light evenly behind the translucent dial and the pointer shaft to maximise night visibility. Keyed housing locks the gauge into dashboards precisley and easily. Electrical movements are magnetically shielded to eliminate electrical interference and are CE certified.

Parameters Supported Alarms
Water in fuel
Low Engine Oil Pressure
Low Fuel Level
High Engine Temp
Low System Voltage
High System Voltage
DPF Level Alarms
DEF Level Alarms
Engine Temperature
Air Temperature
Exhaust Temperature
Oil Temperature
Water Temperature
Water Pressure
Transmission Oil Temp
Transmission Oil Pressure
Coolant Pressure
Oil Temperature
Oil Level
Tank Level
Battery Voltage
Boost Pressure
 Engine RPM
Engine Load
Auxiliary Temp
DPF Level
DPF Ash Load
DPF Soot Level
Coolant Level
Coolant Pressure
Manifold Pressure


The Veethree Guarantee

All Veethree products are backed up by a dedicated and highly experienced team of software engineers, ready to draw up specifications for custom software, undertake the work, test the code and deliver fully functioning products.

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Kongsberg Maritime

kongsbergKongsberg Maritime delivers products and systems for dynamic positioning, navigation and automation to merchant vessels and offshore installations.

The Metasystems Division of Kongsberg Maritime was searching for a programmable display that could be used to show specific sensor data that measured shaft power and torque.

Prime Horiztonal

Prime Horizontal selected the CAN 260 for its outstanding durability, vital as the industrial equipment is operated on drilling sites in a wide variety of environmental envrionments and harsh conditions.

The CAN 260 is an integral part of the sphisticated ParaTrack-2, capturing accurately and consistently the unique ranges of data required.

Specialist Instruments Ltd

Specialist Instruments selected the CAN 260 to be located at the very heart of the fully automated control system for irrigation pumps.

Providing features such as the real time display of flow rates, engine speed and engine temperatures.

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