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CANtronik rebrands to Veethree Technologies

CANtronik are pleased to announce our rebrand to Veethree Technologies, joining the Veethree Group of global companies.

In early 2017 there was a change to the ownership of CANtronik Ltd to the directors of Veethree Instruments (a worldwide supplier of on/off highway marine instrumentation, sensors and displays). Having identified the opportunity to enhance the group’s software capabilities and to increase commercial footprint in the European market.

Since then CANtronik and Veethree Instruments have worked diligently from either side of the ‘pond’ to ensure a successful cohesion as Veethree Group. The move to the new brand is an important step to bring the group companies even closer together and supports a restructuring of product naming conventions to a single common framework.

The new brands will serve customers over 6 continents and 35 countries, operating in the Aerospace, Truck/Bus, Construction & Agricultural Equipment, Marine & Military markets.

What is the impact to existing CANtronik customers/suppliers?

Existing customer and supplier agreements remain unchanged – while there is a change to our website and branding, CANtronik Limited remains as the legal entity, operating a trading name of Veethree Technologies.

Ordering, invoicing and accounting processes are unchanged. Part numbers and product names will be rationalised in the future, but you will receive notifications as orders are processed.

There is no change to the teams and people in the organisation so you will continue to receive excellent service and the personalities you deal with on a regular basis are still here eager to support you.

If you have any concerns, questions or would just like to catch up please get in touch.

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